Hi!!!!!! Thank you SO much for taking the time to stop by and learn a little about the lady behind the camera!

My name is Maegan (also known as Babe, Hunny, Mae-Mae...) and I have lived behind the camera for many years!

Photography is my passion. I live for the next opportunity to photograph someone or something.

my story


We all have a WHY we do what we do. In my line of work, it started as a hobby. Ever since I was a child I have loved taking pictures. I had a film camera that I took everywhere I went! We were constantly going to Wal-Mart to develop my film. I can still remember the Christmas morning when my parents bought me my first digital camera. I was so excited! I knew that it would mean I could take even more pictures! Over the years my love for photography continued to grow.  I would take pictures for friends and family. My nieces were my models to practice my photography with. I could not have got to where I am today without the experiences and practice with my nieces and nephews. Looking back at my pictures, I cringe at what I thought was “awesome” work. However, those images were the start of what has made me the photographer I am today. After several years of photography, I still have so much to learn. 

One of the things that I love most is the experiences with my clients.  I love meeting new people and interacting with them. I love working with couples and capturing those special moments for them to cherish forever.  I love working with children and making them laugh.  Most of the time they make me laugh!  One thing that I love to do with each child is talk to them as I take their pictures. I like to talk about what they love and what they want to be when they grow up.  I like to have them make silly faces and laugh as hard as they can!  I love interacting with families.  Seeing the families interact with each other is so fulfilling.  I know that I am capturing those natural moments that they can cherish for ever.  I make life stand still.  Editing is the next thing that I love most. I get SO excited while working on the pictures.  I usually edit too many photos because I just fall in love with them all!  The editing is where I work my magic. I get so excited to finish an image and love what I see.  Every photographer is different.  Every photographer edits in their own style.  I like to find my own style for every shoot.

I look at my work as Art.  It is important for it to be appreciated and represented as such.  I am always so excited for reveal day!  I love to see the excitement of my clients as they view their images.  And even more, when they receive their prints.  Most people believe that they do not need to purchase the quality prints from their photographer.  They do not understand the importance of ordering professional prints.  It never fails when  a client orders their images and sees the true quality of a professional print they are then able to understand quality.  This is why I do not offer solely digital images for portrait shoots. My work deserves being printed in a professional lab.  If my art is printed at a non pro lab, it is a false representation of my hard work.


I still wake up daily and go to my office and work. On a weekly basis, I research new things, I watch videos to learn new things, I read blogs that relate to my work, I work on upcoming events for my business, I edit edit edit, I cull photos, I research my equipment and try to improve my understanding of how it works, I do whatever I can to help make my business successful. I am completely self-taught. I learned everything I know through YouTube videos, Webinars, and practice practice practice.

I am also a certified teacher. I have a Specialist Degree in dual Regular and Special Education. I taught for 7 years and loved every moment of it. It is hard leaving one passion for another. I truly loved teaching and working with children. There isn’t anything more satisfying than seeing a child succeed. I may return to teaching one day, but at the moment I am grateful to have the opportunity to focus on my photography. I could not do this without my husband and his support. He fully supports me and my passion. I am truly blessed!


Here is a picture of my WONDERFUL family! My husband is truly my rock.  We both went through so much.  But we remained faithful to God and God remained faithful to us.  He brought Craig in to my life in 2015.  I lived in Georgia and he lived in Pennsylvania.  We began talking and flying several times a month to see each other. The next year we were married!  It could not have been more clear that God brought us together.  My step children were such a blessing on top of my new husband.  They truly bring joy and laughter to my life every single day.  I am so blessed that the Lord brought me to be a part of this beautiful family. 


This is Alexis! Or as I call her, Lex!  She is the sweetest little girl that you will ever meet.  She loves hugs and snuggles.  She likes to chill out and watch YouTube videos on things like Disney Cruises and Shopkins toys.  She loves to be in front of the camera.  She is always up for an impromptu photo shoot...which of course I love!  She is truly a beautiful girl inside and out.  She loves shopping and buying clothes.  We truly are a match made in heaven!  Her smile and laugh is contagious and will bring a smile to anyone around her.  She brings so much happiness and fullfillment in our lives. 


This is Austin! He is full of so much life and laughter.  He is brilliant beyond his years.  He is always trying to learn something new by asking questions and leaping in head first.  He is extremely inquisitive and optimistic.  He is his father made over.  He truly keeps us laughing with his inquiring little mind.  He is also our little early riser.  He wakes up before the sun comes up. He wakes up with a smile on his face and something on his mind.  He brings so much joy and laughter to our lives.