Mr. and Mrs. Servose // Wedding at The Barn at Boones Dam, Bloomsburg, PA // NEPA & Bloomsburg Valley Wedding Photographer


Mr. & Mrs. Servose

Wedding at The Barn at Boones Dam, Bloomsburg PA

Stephanie & Ryan

Wedding & Reception at The Barn at Boones Dam, Bloomsburg PA

I always ask for my couples to tell me their story… I adore theirs!!!

“Five years ago, I was working at as a waitress when I spotted the MOST handsome guy I'd ever laid eyes on. He was sitting at the bar, with two of his friends, and while a few of my co-workers were encouraging me to go talk to him, I was super hesitant and before I could even warm up to the idea, he had left. At the end of my shift that night, my friend and I decided to go out for a drink (which was unusual for us, considering we had worked so late, and there was only a solid 30 minutes until the bar closed). While out, I had spotted the same guy from earlier that night! My girlfriends insisted I go talk to him, and after about 3 pep talks from them, I made my way over to him. =) He was in a circle of men, when I tapped him on the shoulder and asked if he had a minute to chat. I’m not typically shy, but when introducing myself, I got a rush of nerves and informed him that “I just had to introduce myself.. because you are SO PRETTY.” (insert face palm.. Really, Steph, PRETTY?!) Luckily, he found it funny and we totally hit it off. He ended up walking me home, and we spent that evening outside on the porch talking, laughing and learning about one another until 5 in the morning. The rest is history. <3 Fast forward to about a year ago, when we decided to spend one fall morning at a state park, hiking with 2 of our best friends. We had hiked a few miles, when we stopped to take a photo. While standing in front of a beautiful waterfall, I felt Ryan turn and before I knew it, he was on one knee! “

PS. We did their engagement session at that same waterfall!!! Sighhhh****


Vendor Love:

Photographer: Maegan Lutz Photography

Venue: The Barn at Boones Dam

Videographer: KP Films

Florist: Denise Toczylousky

DJ & Entertainment: DJ Joey Z

Hair: Lauren Nicoles

Makeup: Glam by Giavonna

Bridal Gown: Exclusively You

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