Mr. & Mrs. Rinehimer // 68 Years of Bliss // Family Photographer in NEPA



Mr & Mrs. Rinehimer

Mr & Mrs. Rinehimer were two of the sweetest souls I have ever met. At the age of 87 & 86, they are a true example of true love.  He literally could not keep his hands and lips off of his sweet love.  The truest affection I have ever seen.  They have been married for 68 years.  In the 68 years, they have had 2 children which have brought the great joy along with 6 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren!.

They always believed to live simple. They live in a modest house and enjoy life. They have lived in the same 2 bedroom house for 58 years. Mr. & Mrs. Rinehimer have always enjoyed history and traveling. They had a camper and have traveled to all 50 states. What a dream!!! Sitting at the kitchen table having coffee and goodies has always been a special thing for all. They laugh and say "well another day solving life's problems." They are simple people who worked hard and loved their family.

Ms. Rinehimer was 15 when her mom became ill after giving birth to twins. She quit school and cared for the family with her father for 2 years. To this day there is a special bond with her siblings. They where her first babies. Mr. Rinehimer was in the military, but he didn't make it a career. He wanted a family and to stay close to family. He is a proud vet. They are amongst a few who started the Hazleton historical society.

They are very much in love and can feel each others emotions. In the words of their daughter, "A kiss is not just a kiss, he kisses her, she kisses him for every kiss. They pray together at bedtime every night. They old hands all of the time...on the couch watching tv, in church, walking...everywhere!" 

She is his one and only true love! Watching him with his wife was like watching two high school sweethearts. Their love radiates!  This is just a small peek into their love story. It was truly an honor to document the love between these two beautiful souls!!!

They give us all hope for that forever kind of love.

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