Mr. & Mrs. Amore // Wedding at Tyler Arboretum, Media PA // Central PA & NEPA Wedding Photographer


Samantha & Jay

Tyler Arboretum, Media PA



Wedding at the Tyler Arboretum in Media, PA


Samantha & Jay celebrated their incredible day at the gorgeous Tyler Arboretum venue in Media, PA. Every single intricate detail was absolutely stunning! And look at Sam, is she not just absolutely breath taking?!?! I was so incredibly honored to have had the opportunity to document their love story from beginning to end. I enjoyed EVERY moment with these two sweet souls. I wish them a lifetime of happiness with each other, which I have NO doubt they will <3 Enjoy this pretty big peek into their beautiful story!

One thing I like to do is have my Bride & Groom’s tell me their story so that I can share it with all of you. It gives you a little insight to the true love behind the scenes. Here is Samantha & Jay’s Story:

On Saturday April 10th, 2010 we met on a night out with our friends at a local dance club. One of Jay’s friends at the time was attempting to hit on my girlfriend I was with. Jay’s friend decided it was a good idea to try and divert my attention away from my friend by introducing Jay and I while Jay was there on a date with another girl. Needless to say, this didn’t leave me with a great first impression of either of them as I stood there awkwardly looking at Jay and his date. Jay and I then became the middlemen trying to assist our friends in hanging out but it was very clear neither of us wanted any part of matchmaking. While we would talk on the phone for our “friends” we just started to get to know one another and eventually developed a friendship from it. We would causally call one another and see how one another was doing in life. We would discuss not only our current life problems, but also the hopes and dreams we had for the future. We didn’t start dating until March 10th of 2012. We decide to go to dinner as friends, ended up having a pillow fight and some how, some way things just changed and we finally saw what was standing in in front of us the whole time; one another. 10/29/16, Jay and I were trying to stage our own photoshoot with our dogs in front of our home we bought together. While we were taking pictures and trying to get the dogs to sit for pictures Jay had his own plans. He got on one knee with the pups sitting next to him and asked me to marry him. I was so shocked that he chose this time that I wasn’t sure if he was joking or not. He definitely caught me off guard. Of course I said YES! Jay said he knew the dogs mean so much to me so he wanted them to be a part of the proposal too. It was very sweet and thoughtful! I feel that we have chosen to be together because our love for one another outweighs any obstacle we have ever faced. Our relationship hasn’t always been the easiest as we are two very different people, but we have found that it’s our differences that actually make us perfect for each other. Through our differences we both help one another see different perspectives and grow both as individuals and help make each the best person we can. We create a good balance.

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Vendor Love:

Venue: Tyler Arboretum, Media PA

Florist: Allium Foral Designs

DJ & Entertainment: Schaffer Sound Productions

HMUA: Alisha Nycole LLC

Bridal Gown: Pronovias

Catering: Jam Catering

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