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To Do or Not to Do a First Look?

Wait wait wait... even if you have already made up you mind, I implore you to read this post!

First looks are becoming well known and highly desired in today's weddings.  I never pressure my brides to choose to do a first look, but I do feel that it is my job to inform them of what a First Look can truly offer to them and their wedding day.

Now I could write an incredibly long post and chop it up, because I am simply not the best at writing (this is why my blog posts are horrid, HA!), or I choose to share an incredible, perfect, well-written article by Katelyn James that explains it perfectly!

So if you ARE or ARE NOT considering a First Look, PLEASE, read this!  After reading this, make your choice. It is COMPLETELY YOURCALL, but it is my job to inform you of what the First Look can offer.

Click Here for the incredible blog post by Katelyn James.

Again, it is your choice and I put no pressure on you to do a First Look.  This is YOUR big day and you need to do what YOU believe will make you the happiest!